Precautions for equipment maintenance before and after holidays.

Issuing time:2020-04-22 00:00

During National Day, Spring Festival and other major holidays, many factories will give their employees a long holiday according to the national requirements. The factories will also rest for a few days or as long as more than 10 days, and the equipment in the workshop will stop working. Woodworking machinery factory workshop will have a variety of woodworking machinery equipment, edge sealing machine as an important equipment, with high precision and value, so it is not possible to ignore its holiday around the maintenance work, the following is a simple summary of the matters needing attention:

Maintenance before vacation

1. Back up your data

Backup processing procedures, operating parameters and other data to the computer or hard disk to prevent data loss after the start of the holiday.

2. Cleaning and maintenance

Run the equipment at medium speed for half an hour, and oil the injector 3 times continuously. Clean up the sundries on each part of the machine with air gun, and wipe the dirt on the machine with dry cloth. Desiccant can be placed in the wet area. Apply ordinary lithium grease on track, screw, rack, etc., brush machine oil on the chain, sprocket, gear and other accessories, play the role of lubrication protection. Clean the water in the triple cup to prevent icing and breakage.

3. Device reset

Put the shaft equipment in the middle position before shutdown to prevent accuracy error due to uneven weight.

4. Close the source body

If the equipment is not used for a long time, the power supply and air source should be turned off.

5. Line check

Check whether any part of the whole machine is loose, and ensure the equipment is in a safe environment, so as to avoid damage to the line caused by rats and other animals.

6. Protective packaging

The equipment can be sealed with plastic film to protect the machine from rain and other damage.

7. Check in

Record the inspection, maintenance and other items of the machine, so as to check the historical record easily.

After the holiday boot precautions

1. Line check

Check all the wires on the equipment for being bitten by rats and other animals. If there are broken wires, be sure to replace them immediately.

2. Clean equipment

Clean lithium grease from track, screw and rack.

3. Clutter cleaning

Tear off the protective film and clean up the sundries and dust on the equipment with an air gun.

4. Parts inspection

Before starting the equipment, manually turn the cutter or other moving parts to check whether there is any abnormality in the slider and other mechanisms; Check whether there is moisture in the triple cup and clean it up in time.

5. Data check

Before starting the device, ensure that all data on the device are consistent with the pre-holiday backup data.

6. Source body detection

Before starting the equipment, make sure the current and voltage are in normal state. Be sure to turn on the device's power switch about 10 minutes after the main power switch is turned on and the voltage is stabilized, and then turn on the other power switches in the electrical box.

7. Run the tests

After the equipment is started, check whether the lubricating oil pump works normally, and observe whether the lubricating oil reaches the relative moving parts such as guide rail and lead screw; The equipment should be run empty for 30 minutes and the spindle should be set in a low speed range, so that all parts can be fully preheated and lubricated, and check whether there is abnormal sound during the operation of each device. Take the plate to test the work, confirm the operation effect is normal before the batch production.

* all operations shall be performed by professionals under safe conditions.

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