How to control the quality of edge sealing when using edge sealing machine.

Issuing time:2020-04-22 00:00

The quality of edge sealing machine and automatic edge sealing machine are influenced by many external and internal factors, including equipment condition, raw material condition and operation proficiency. Generally, the following six aspects should be paid attention to:

(1) if the selection of thick side sealing edge sealing, sealing machine press roller tension should be adjusted to the best position, the most easily committed fault is too tight pressure. Because the sealing sideband is slightly longer than the workpiece, when the pressing roller presses the growing part of the sealing sideband, the sealing sideband will be given a force perpendicular to the feeding direction. At this time, due to the incomplete curing of the adhesive, the gluing strength is not high, and the tail is easy to loosen and stick

(2) the indoor temperature during processing should not be too low, generally above 15°C, especially when the sealing side band is thick, the flexibility will be insufficient, to ensure the normal work of the preheating device, if there is no preheating device can also be used to heat the sealing side band to soften, this method is especially suitable for curve edge sealing. No draught is allowed in the processing shop.

The quality of sealing sideband affects the edge sealing effect. The edge sealing of products with good quality is tight, while the edge sealing of products with poor quality has a large gap and an obvious black line. When the machine is trimming, the backer will scratch marks on the surface. From the view of the section, the middle part of the cementing surface should be slightly concave than the two sides. The product edge sealing of this kind of cementing surface is more strict and has a good effect.

(3) the moisture content of solid wood edge sealing material should not be too high, and should be stored in a cool and dry room. The substrate should be dust-free and the optimal moisture content should be 8-10%.

(4) because the sealing speed is very fast, the adhesive should have a good dispersion and the permeability of the substrate under low pressure, to have a good initial viscosity, in a short time under the pressure should be instant bonding, bonding firm. When using, pay attention to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive is within the normal temperature range, a long time too high temperature will make the adhesive; Hot melt glue cannot reach good fluidity at low temperature, so it is necessary to master the data provided by the supplier when using it.

(5) the amount of hot melt glue should be made to extrude the glue from the outside of the gluing parts. If it is too large, there is a black line at the sealing edge, which will affect the appearance. Too small, adhesive strength is not enough. To check whether the film is continuous, a transparent hard PVC belt can be used for testing; Also can be used to seal the ordinary side band edge, while the glue is not cooling off the side band to test.

(6) for the edge sealing machine no front milling cutter device for the use of manufacturers, to seal the edge of the semi-finished cutting quality also affects the sealing effect. Ocean seiko woodworking machinery factory in order to prevent the product edge explosion, cutting will use a Nick saw (commonly known as a small saw blade), the best effect after cutting should be the section can see the small saw blade marks but not feel. Small saw blade marks are too deep when sealing the edge is not tight, edge sealing can see a black line can even see a gap, too shallow and explosive mouth.

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