The significance of the appearance of automatic edge sealing machine.

Issuing time:2020-04-22 00:00

The main part of the banding machine includes the bed, the work table, the longitudinal section and the transverse section guide plate, the main saw, the marking saw, the transmission and other parts. The structure and working principle are much the same as the ordinary circular saw machine, and can be used as the ordinary circular saw machine alone.

The appearance of automatic edge sealing machine has become an epoch-making product. Becomes the woodworking machine in the inseparable use equipment. Another main structural feature of the automatic edge sealing machine is that the marking saw blade and the main saw blade are stationary, and the mobile worktable made of aluminum profiles with the processed plates can be moved back and forth by hand, so as to realize sawing processing. The structure of moving table guide rail, manual push can save effort, and the machining accuracy is very high.

The bed body of the edge sealing machine is mostly made of steel plate with thickness of 5 ~ 6mm, which is stable and beautiful, and can ensure that its early sawing machine does not produce inclination and distortion. The fixing table is fixed on the top of the bed, and the casting parts of the machine are required to be flat and not deformed, and the longitudinal cutting guide plate can be adjusted.

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