IMAISUPER edge sealing machine, help the new "wisdom" to build.

Issuing time:2020-04-22 00:00

Golden laurel fragrance of November, the emperor of the whole house custom production base came good news. Guangdong IMAISUPER intelligent equipment co., LTD. Congratulates himashike on the addition of IMAISUPER brand automatic intelligent high speed edge banding machine, which provides a greater power for himashike to assist in the new development of customized assembly in 2020.

Up to now, we have been engaged in furniture manufacturing for more than 17 years. We have automatic panel cutting machine, automatic edge sealing machine, automatic processing center, automatic polishing center, automatic carving center and other modern automatic digital processing equipment. In order to strive for the product quality, production capacity and delivery time to a higher level, now the addition of IMAISUPER speed edge sealing machine, will provide more competitive products and services for the new and old dealers throughout the country.

Today's humasic has entered the stage of rapid development. As a leading brand in the customized furniture industry, we always keep in mind our corporate responsibility and plan for the future with strategic vision. We will constantly improve and upgrade our soft and hard power, improve our production level, provide higher quality products and more comprehensive and considerate services to provide consumers with excellent life quality experience.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, reform has become a new normal, in order to cater to the new era of customization; Explore the whole industrial chain development, comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of products and the international synchronous production process, humaske introduced the IMAISUPERautomatic intelligent edge sealing machine equipment, to achieve a high starting point, high investment, high quality technology development strategy, and further improve the modern level of technical equipment.

Using intelligent edge sealing machine equipment, edge sealing strip and plate can now achieve a seamless integration, no longer see a clear boundary line, accompanied by the best glue effect and significant economic benefits. Eliminate the glue line from the source, so that the overall effect of the whole plate to the best; Because the color of the functional layer is the same as the sealing strip veneer material, it can ensure that the transition between the sealing strip and the plate will not see the glue joint after pressing and sticking, achieving the perfect effect of seamless sealing.

Compared with the traditional technology, the seamless edge sealing machine can ensure the product quality to maintain a very high level of stability and homogenization standard, and because the operation is very convenient, so the reliability of production has been improved. As a result, the number of defective products, the post-processing and polishing of products need to be greatly reduced, for the enterprise to save costs, improve production efficiency.

With the introduction of automatic intelligent edge sealing machine, the mass production capacity of products will be further improved, and the differentiated research and development capacity will be significantly increased. Fully automatic production line produced by the board furniture, not only can achieve industrial mass production, and can be customized, and environmental protection, fashion, especially in the production process than the market common similar products more professional, more sophisticated, in the furniture industry is considered to be the world's most advanced woodworking machine.

Advanced edge sealing technology can substantially improve the efficiency of production equipment, thus enhancing productivity. There are significant reductions in personnel costs and wait times for repair work and polishing, as well as the incidence of defective products. As a result, the system works extremely economically, thanks to reduced energy consumption. However, the biggest advantage of its unique or very attractive quality standards of the perfect sealing effect.

Customize the rise of household industry, furniture industry demand for edge banding machine, great changes have taken place in the small plate, color, small request glue line, in order to solve the many problems of customers, IMAISUPER Mr Wang Zeyi lead speed send someone with great concentration, general manager of research and development, introduced a "narrow board edge banding machine", "double color and multi-color plastic pot sealing side machine", "PUR glue sealing side machine", this is the first in the industry, really do custom woodworking machinery and equipment. With a number of patented technologies, innovative research and development team, strict quality management system and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, IMAISUPER has a strong and stable brand strength, which has won the satisfaction of customers at home and abroad.

"IMAISUPER" brand edging machine is the benchmark of China's modern board furniture edging machine equipment, committed to creating for customers high speed, high efficiency, intelligence, innovation, automation, provincial maintenance of customized high-end edging machine!

IMAISUPER, high quality edge sealing pursuit!

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