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Super Group was founded by Mr. Wang Zeyi in 2012, which it is a high-end panel woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturing group which it is integrating "R&D, production, sales and service". The group owns three companies: Guangdong Super Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong IMAI Super Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and Jiangxi Super Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Its brand "IMAI SUPER" was devoted in R&D and production of high-end edge banding machine connection line projects and flexible edge banding solutions for the whole plant.

The main products contain: Double glue pots edge banding machine, Six-sided seamless edge banding machine, PUR edge banding machine, Ultra-short end edge banding solution, High-speed four sides end edge banding connection, Full servo flexible scanning code edge banding solution etc. The products are matched with the world's top brands, such as: Siemens, ABB, Alpha, Staeborg, Beckhoff, Rexroth, Shihlin, Keyence, Sik, Festo, Avoz , Leke, Lanzhi , SMC, etc.IMAI Super is committed to becoming the global leader in high-quality smart home equipment, pragmatic, innovative, hard-working, and refined, so that there is no difficult to make the furniture in the world.

At present, the group's business covers more than 40 countries and regions around the world. During the rapid development of "IMAI SUPER", Mr. Wang Zeyi always adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality& Brand, Pursuing excellence", Keep up with the pace of the times and strive to create higher quality products.

The edge-banding solutions uses IMAI SUPER, Automatic production line is more stable and faster

A dream is an expectation of the future. In the present, thinking about the future, unrealistic dream is an obsession.
The team is the concentrated embodiment of the overall situation consciousness, the spirit of cooperation and the spirit of service. The core is the cooperation, which reflects the unity of individual interests and overall interests, and further ensures the efficient operation of the organization.
Give a resource a new capacity to create more value.
Super families will have better enviroment to research and develop edge banding machine from 2019.
During National Day, Spring Festival and other major holidays, many factories will give their employees a long holiday according to the national requirements.
The quality of edge sealing machine and automatic edge sealing machine is influenced by many external and internal factors.
Automatic edge sealing machine is a kind of edge sealing machine, which plays an important role in woodworking machinery industry.
The automatic edge sealing machine has finished the history of the manual control of plate trimming since the long time.
Automatic edge sealing machine is a high precision, high efficiency, high speed of the furniture plate for the straight edge sealing, trimming, scraping and polishing equipment.


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